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It takes little to amuse- recollections of what impressed
Jeff and I as we rode to Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten Class at Trinity Church-

Dick Whitney

A few weeks ago market the 10th Anniversary of my childhood best friend  Jeff McKinstry's Death. Naturally, I have been thinking this and was reminded of him when driving down West St. I remember when Jeff and I were attending Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten Class in the basement of Holy Trinity Church on Hamilton street, Mom or Dad were usually take us down West Street from Litchfield Ave., we  both always got a kick out of the apprarent dissapearance of the church steeple as we approached the bottom of the hill. The photos below capture what we saw, and most take for granted. To this day, I often smile as I see the steeple and think of Jeff.

The steeple soon "disappears" as we approached
 the intersetion of West and Main. (see below)

Mrs. Mundells Graduating Kindergarten Class  (1956?)

Jeff and I graduating from Mrs. Mundells Kindergarten Class (I am 3rd from  the left, Jeff5th from the right)

Dick and Jeff - 1954

Jan, Don, Dick and Sue photos

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