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Southbridge "Then and Now"
Summer 2000 and Nov 2005

Revised to include Jim Sottile video of Oct 15, 2005 Flood waters
(see below)

The first photo shows the walkway and wooden wall dam on the "AO Grounds" (Now Southbridge Business Center) . This was taken during the Summer of 2000, where little to no water is going over the Dam. While not always this dry, the rains of Oct 14 2005 provided Flooding conditions in Southbridge which resulted in the Dam breaking in two spots. This continues as of Nov 7th, with water pooring through the slots that were broken when the water broke the dam. The next photo was taken three weeks after the Oct 14th Flooding

While no wear near the destructive force of the Flood of 1955, significant damage to low lying areas of Southbridge occurred downstream when 40 families had to be evacuated from Brookside Terrace and nearby areas. The amount of rain  recorded was a record for New England for Oct (14.6 inches).

Mish Michaels (WBZ TV meteorologist) spotlights the flooding in Southbridge in 1955, and discusses the Oct 2005 flooding in a Nov 5th Presentation in Boston.

Video Courtesy of Jim Sottile

Dredging the AO Pond in 1978

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