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The STRAND THEATER which closed in March 1965

The following recollection of the Strand was e-mailed to me on Oct 27, 2002 by Charles Ellis, M.D.:

For several years in the 'forties (right after the War, as I remember) the Strand was the venue for performances by famous musical
artists, put on by the Community Concerts outfit: I remember my parents taking me to hear Jesus Maria Sanroma playing the
Chopin pieces he had made popular in the movie "Til the End of Time" (1946 - it's on your list); Larry Adler, the harmonica virtuoso;
and the Trapp Family singers (before "The Sound of Music".

Miss Van Etten, the music director of Mary E. Wells H.S., staged three performances of "The Mikado" by the M.E.W.H.S.Glee
Club early in 1952.  I remember especially that the backstage apparatus and rooms had been unused for so long that the first time
we practiced there, the acrid dust was very unpleasant.  The Strand was used because the popularity of the previous year's
Iolanthe production made the High School auditorium too small for the expected audience - we would have had to prepare half a
dozen performances!

I hope this is interesting, if not helpful...


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