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Famous People with connections to Southbridge
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JFK in Southbridge - Sept 30, 1958

Optical Heritage Museum display in Southbridge History room
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Famous people / Celebrities who have visited or have ties to Southbridge

William Leanard Marcy "To the Victor Belong the Spoils", Born in Southbridge, Gov of New York B- 1786
Sidney Clark (Born in Southbridge 1820)- Reformer, Moralist and first Senator in Kansas
George Thorndike Angell (Born in Southbridge in 1823 - Founder of Mass Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Frederick Douglass - May 6, 1842 (Itinerary) and Dec 1865 Lecture on Abraham Lincoln Assassination
William G. Putney (Born in Southbridge in 1842) -Civil War Veteran / Author
Anna E. Dickenson - March 22, 1865
Bela Tiffany - Quoted in Hawthornes "Twice Told Tales"
Fr. Michael Earls  (1875-1937), author
P T Barnum visited Southbridge with his Greatest Show on Earth on May 29 1876 - some 6,000 people were estimated to have attended the shows.
Frank Parsons Political Scientist / Southbridge resident / Art Teacher - 1870's
March 10, 1892 Visit to Southbridge to talk at YMCA : widow of General Custer:  Mrs. Elizabeth Custer
Daniel Burnham - Architect (designer of Southbridge Wells Building)
Donald J. Ross - Designer of Cohasse Country Club - 1916
Frederick Law Olmstead- Architect (viewed Mary E Wells Bld 1919)
"The Great Reno- escape artist (Southbridge Houdini) - July 4, 1910
Lucien "Min" Fontaine - Carnegie Bravery Medal of Honor Winner - 1914
Rudolph Valentino -Actor 11-May-1923
Norman Rockwell Artist (6 Paintings commissioned by AO)' 1920's
Neil Hamilton (Actor) - 1932
Glenn Miller- Band Leader 20-Jan-1939
General George Patton - Early part of WWII, came to AO for night vision google work
Sir Alexander Flemming (Inventor of Penicillin) visits AO in 1945
Trapp Family Singers - played at the Strand before made famous in the Sound of Music - 1940s
Robert F. Kennedy - 1952
Richard Rodgers -Composer 1955
Oscar Hammerstein -Lyricist 1955
Mike Todd -Producer / Todd AO 1955
Elizabeth Taylor -Actress (Mike Todds Wife) 1955
Mme. Elsa Schiaparelli - 1955
Merrill "Mezzie" Barber- Olympic Skier /Sonja Heine roll on slopes in Sun Valley Serenade" / Worked at AO in 1950s
Big Bird (Carroll Spinney) - 1950s to present
Arthur Godfrey
Dorothy Lamour  -Actress  Oct-51
Debra Paget - Actress Oct-51
Tex Benekee -Sax Player (Glenn Miller) Jan-52
John F. Kennedy (President) -1958
Jackie Kennedy Onassis (First Lady) - 1958
Rudy Vallee -Singer Nov 1959
Ted Williams (Red Sox baseball) - 1960
Jimmy Piersall (Red Sox Baseball) - ~1960
Lorin Hollander -Concert Pianist 1963
Alfred Hitchcock - Movie Director 1960s
Buddy Rich 
Rex Trailer - WBZ TV personality - 1960's
John Fitzgerald (Dallas Cowboys football star, Southbridge Native Click link for his Southbridge Wedding photo)
Ted Kennedy -Politician 1962/2000
Eddie Feigner- Softball 1969
Jackie Robinson - Baseball player ~ late 1960s
Grace Morley (Former Southbridge Resident in 1970's) and ex wife of Montel Williams 1970's
Beth Hirons Kidwell - SHS Class of 71
Lionel Hampton (Jazz Musician)- May 11, 1973 (Lions Club Ball at the National Guard Armory - Chestnut St)
Arther Ashe -Tennis Pro 1976?
Grace Morley Once married to Montel Williams / lived in Southbridge and in Gateway) 1975
 Doris Morley (Grace's Mother) / Burlesque Star Bambi Jones - 1975
Dorothy Hamil -Olympic Gold Medalist - skating 1977
Bob Griese -Football Star 1977?
Loren Ghiglione - Author/Former Editor of Southbridge News
Tom Olszta (Candlepin Bowling Champ)
Montel Williams- TV Star 1999?
Conan  O'brien -Late Night TV 2000 & 2002 (Dave O'Brien relatives Funeral)
Brian Dennehy -Actor 2000
Christa Delcamp-  7NEWS Anchor/Reporter started at WESO
Carl Beane (Voice of Red Sox - 2003-2012)
Mish Michaels - Reported on 50th Anniversary of the Flood of 1955 - August 2005
Elizabeth Letendre - American Idol (Season 3)
Bill Murray - Actor 2007
Gregory McGuire -Author of book Wicked 2006
William Mann -Author of book Kate 2007
  Barbara Stevens- Dec 2010
she has just seen her 800th win as coach of the Bentley College Women's Basketball team.
Something Southbridge should be proud of!

Michael Philip (MP) Raymond - Multi award winning International Artist
Matt Anctil - Dancer in Flashdance Touring production
Gordon Ramsay - Hotel Hell shoots at Vienna Nov 2015
Jeff Hecht - Author  of City of Light (Fiber Optics History)

Alanis Morisette married Mario "Souleye" Treadway from Sturbridge

Visitors to OSV:
Julie Andrews - Singer / Actress Movie Hawaii 1965
Max Von Sydow- Actor Movie Hawaii 1965
Carroll O'Conner - Actor in Hawaii / All in the Family 1965
Torin Thatcher - Actor Movie Hawaii 1965

Check out Don Whitney Home movie
of Julie Andrews and Max Von Sydow at OSV in 1965
Southbridge News Hawaii photos from this site

Merv Griffin TV Show 1967?
Arthur Treacher TV Show 1967?
Barbara Eden TV Actress - I Dream of Jeannie 1967?
Trish VanDevere Actress (Wife of George C Scott) - Summer Stock at Merry Go Round Theatre 1967
Linda Hunt Actress (Voice of Granmother in Disneys Pocohontas) Merry Go Round Theartre 1967

John Tanner 54th Mass Regiment Mustered in southbridge
Jeff Hecht Author of City of Light, Fiber Optics began in Southbridge
St. Nicholas Church "First Albanian Orthodox Church in the world built expressly for the worship of God in the Albanian tongue"
William Marcy "To the Victor Belong the Spoils", Born in Southbridge, Gov of New York B- 1786

Printable list of above names
Dick Whitney/ Margaret Morrissey list
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