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Southbridge, Massachusetts

The Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center
Phone - 508-765-8000

The AO Reunion of May 28, 2002 was held at the Southbridge Hotel
Check here to see more from that event!

Check out their updated web site and take a tour of the Hotel and Conference Center

Click here for an interesting view of the Flags reflected in the Hotel Lobby Windows!

Here are two view of one of the Suites in the Old AO Main Plant, now Southbridge Hotel.

State of the Art Conference Center

The Southbridge Hotel also include a fitness center;
the photos below show some of the equipment as well as one of the two racketball courts.
There is also a baseketball court, and indoor pool and hot tub!


Image from http://local.live.com/

Shades Lounge at the
Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center
Friday and Saturday Nights (5PM to Midnight) menu

Click here for the Jan 2005 News PDF Article


Click here for photos of Demolition of the AO Main Plant, and Construction of this new facility!

Click Here for a Feb 27, 2002 look inside the AO Main Plant Clock Tower
(Now refurbished as part of the new Southbridge Hotel)

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