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Dad's WW1 Army soldiers that he gave to me one Christmas

When I was 5 years old on Christmas morning in 1956, I woke up and when I went downstairs was greeted with a table filled
with my fathers WWI army solders.
He (like (I), was particular about he toys/possessions and he knew I would handle them well.

Dads Xmas 1956 photo of me looking at some of my WWI Army soldiers gift from Dad

I enjoyed playing with them, and Jeff McKinstry and I spent hours having fun with these soldiers.
I took photos of them (below) and I hope to display them in the near future.

These 1930s toy cars were also Dad's; I painted them (unfortunately) when I was young,
but also have fond memories of them.

AO 1917 RX Lab Recommendations for Europe

The soldiers were on display at Savers Bank in Southbridge in May 2010

About another present from Dad to me when I was young- the book "The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield"

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May 31, 2011

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