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Selected stories by Dick Whitney


UMass Amherst Campus - 1972 and 1973 photos

Dick and Stan after Physics class

Strolling thru the center of campus

Inside the 'Awful Waffle ' new Campus Center
(that is me with book in hand)

Entering the Campus Store

Campus Store records and books

Stan Kopec, Gary Lafluer and Paula Goldsmith
(Ted Prifty - back of head)

Dick and Paula Goldsmith

The UMass Teletype machines

Feedback on my UMass Website postings

In Memory of Marc Duame - My first roommate

UMass T6 - Dick, Stan and Gary (Moe, Curly and Larry)

UMass - 21st Floor of George Washington Tower (1969-1973)

Umass Chorus and Richard Gere

UMass on Oct 15, 1969 - A Day of Concern (Protest of the Vietnam War)

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